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(Kể chuyện cho bé) Stone Soup

Đăng ngày 09/11/2017 03:24
Câu chuyện: Stone soup
Thể hiện: Lương Phương Linh, Lớp 4B1


Once there was a young man travelling around the country selling goods. Times were very hard and everyday he sold less and less, until he didn’t have any money at all. On the same day that he ran out of money and food, he came across a small village. He thought that in the village he would find someone who would give him a bit of food.

He knocked at the door of a pretty-looking house. A woman opened the door slightly. The young man asked the woman if she had a little food to spare for a weary, young traveler, but sadly the woman answered that she had no food at all. Curiously, the same thing happened at all houses in the village. There was not even a crumb of bread left in the entire village! The young man was not discourage; instead he came up with a plan.

The young man found a wealthy-looking house in the center of the village. An elderly man answered the door. The young man asked him if he had a large pot of water that he could spare. The old man asked him what he wanted it for. The young man explained that he was so sad about the lack of food in the village that he was going to make a big pot of soup for all the villagers from a special stone he had found on his travels.

The old man gave the young man a large pot of water and a stirring spoon and helped him build a big fire next to his house. The young man took a smooth stone out of his bag and put it in the pot of water. As he stirred the water, the young man mentioned to the old man that the magic soup was always better with a little onion and a head of cabbage to ass extra flavor. So the old man went into his house and returned with a bag of onions and a head of cabbage.

A neighbor who was putting her washing smelled the onions and the cabbage cooking. She went to the old man’s house where she was told about the special soup made of stone. The young man who was stirring the soup mentioned that the magic soup was always very good, but that a little bit of meat, perhaps a carrot and some potatoes would add some extra flavor. So he woman went into her house and returned with a chunk of meat, a bunch of carrots and a sack of potatoes.

A little girl who was playing in the street smelled the soup and became curious about the smell. She went to the old man’s house. The young man stirred the soup and mentioned to the girl that the magic soup was always very good, but it would be even better with a few beans and a pinch of salt and pepper. So, the girl ran into her house and returned with a bowl of beans and some salt and pepper and add them to the pot of soup.

The woman from the first house, where the young man had asked for food, was in her garden collecting some herbs and mushrooms. She smelt the soup and became curious about the smell. So, she walked down the lane to the old man’s house. The young ma stirred the soup some more and mentioned that the magic soup was always very good, but that a few mushrooms and some herbs from her basket would add even more flavor. The woman gladly added her ingredients to the soup.

In a while the soup was cooked and everyone had a bowl of delicious stone soup. No-one could believe that such a flavorsome soup could be made from just a stone. He young man served another bowl of soup and smiled to himself.



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